October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month!

We take the security of our bank and our customer’s data very seriously. We encourage you to do the same! Take a moment to review the info on our Resources page.


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Why choose JP Stone
Community Bank?

We’ve been family-owned since 1906. When you join JP Stone, you become an integral part of that family. And just like a family, we’re here to support you — our mission is to help our customers grow and prosper.

Local bankers, local decisions

At JP Stone, we know the importance of supporting local businesses. When you bank with us, rest assured that all decisions regarding your account will be made by a local banker who under­stands local needs. Every account, from the smallest personal checking to a complex business account, is assigned a personal banker who you can get to know and trust. You can reach out to them if there’s ever an issue or you need to request some­thing out of the ordinary. So stay local — bank with JP Stone.

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Bank anytime, anywhere

Moving away? Take us with you! We offer all the tools necessary to continue banking with ease, no matter where you go. Our digital banking solutions allow you to manage almost every aspect of your accounts, from transfers and deposits to requesting stop pays. If there’s something you can’t find online, just give us a call or send us a message. Need to de­posit checks? That can be done through our mobile app. Finally, it’s easy to use your JP Stone debit card at other banks’ ATMs — if you have questions or concerns, just ask! So when you leave town, there’s no need to leave us. We’re with you for the long haul.

Real people, real solutions

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service. When you contact JP Stone, you don’t have to fight with an automated teller or get your call redirected to a foreign call center. You will get a real person, every time. Once you’ve reached us, we will follow through until your issue is resolved. You don’t like calls that end without anything being accomp­lished, and neither do we. If there’s an issue on an account, we will make sure it gets corrected swiftly. If there’s a question about a transaction, we will investigate and provide a clear explanation. So feel confident that your bank has your back.

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