If you are a business owner and are looking to reignite your day-to-day cash inflows and outflows, we are sure you will enjoy the many features our system has to offer. Our ultimate goal is to maximize your company’s money management. We make it easy and accessible to you and your business administrators to perform daily.

Exclusive to our business customers, cash management provides additional online account flexibility, including:

  • Direct deposit payroll solutions
  • Electronic collections
  • ACH payments
  • ACH receipts
  • EFTPS tax payments
  • Wire transfer requests

Contact your local branch or the IT department for more information about enrolling.

Positive Pay is an easy, no-cost way to reduce the amount of time and money lost to check fraud. When you sign up for Positive Pay, you are teaming up with us to catch potentially fraudulent checks before they clear your account.

How does it work? You submit a file to us that details all of the checks that have been issued by your business. If a check that does not match the criteria in the file tries to clear your account, it will be rejected. We then notify you of this suspect item so that you have a chance to review it. Simply log into your digital banking profile to choose whether it should be paid or not. (If we have not received a decision from you by 9:30AM on the following business day, the item will be paid.)

How much does it cost? This service is free! You do not have to pay any setup or monthly charges, nor does it cost you anything to submit your files to us.

Become one of many merchants who rely on us for their payment processing needs. For more information please contact your local branch. We look forward to assisting you with a payment processing solution that suits your individual business needs.

Our express deposit service allows you the flexibility to deposit checks from the comfort of your computer. Create a deposit slip, scan your checks, balance, and submit to us — all without having to step foot outside of your home or office! Please contact your local branch for pricing details.

* Some services may be subject to a fee